Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gnomon's Monthly Sculpting ContestEntry

Heres my entry for last months sculpting contest over at the gnomon forums.  Managed to get 3rd prize.  Wish I spent more time on it but I learned tons in doing this so its not all that bad I guess, heheh.  Just have to keep working harder on the next contests :)


  1. Hey, thanks for linking me! D: Illustrator extraordinare... *blushes* Now I'm feeling a little guilty for not updating. ><

    Good luck in the contest, btw!

  2. Ciaee - well ur works always had that extra secret ingredient or somethin which I always thought was cool, being in a school full of illustrators and all. haha but please update more often :)
    thx for the heads up on the contest. this ones over though, now on to the next!

    Hoi Mun - hahah 3rds alright, although 1st would have been really nice hahah :) Crossin my fingers for the next one. Hey good luck on Dominance war, hope to see ur awesomeness there! Keep putting urself out there man, ur big break'll come very very soon if it already hasn't.

  3. You will get the first place if you using the cleavage as selling point.

    I will grant u grand prize for that camera angle.

    U failed me, Coke..

    p/s: jaja..i found ur blog dude..

  4. hahah sorry bro, no cleavage shot, I will keep that in mind next time :P