Friday, October 16, 2009

Mudbox Test

Heres a new sculpt inspired by the great Jordu Schell. Recently made the switch to mudbox. A bit slippery at first, but after a while it works like a dream. Liking it so far. Lots of things are alot more straight forward than zbrush especially in the way things are layed out in the interface. Lots of neat stuff such as multiple paint layers, ability to paint spec maps, bake AO, and some great lighting and rendering options. All it needs is a material library and you got a pizza party.

Anyways heres my first test sculpt with it. Polypainted (with multiple layers!!) and rendered in Mudbox. I know the render is a bit much with the depth of field blur, but I felt like turning everything on and pimping the shit out of it.