Friday, March 13, 2009

Piccolo Close-Ups

Just some details of my Piccolo sculpt. 


  1. i do have to say are good at sculpting.
    everythig looks really good except that there a few thing that bugs me
    the veins are abit too thick..
    His arm after his shoulder seems a little detached from his arm for my taste maybe u could elevate his arm a little.
    anyhoooo great work there!

  2. Thx for the comment and the critiques. absolutely spot on about the veins and the arm. keep those sketches coming, hahah great stuff :)

  3. Eh! You fixed the head already, nice!
    Same with Kimbot comment, the shoulder and biceps problem.
    And I think from shoulder to elbow is too short, and from elbow to wrist is too long. It give me that feeling.
    Eh! finish up la! cant wait man, narnia water!

  4. I love the texture you've given him man. This is looking OVER NINE THOUSSAAAAAND times cooler than the movie version.

  5. Meng guan - hahah thx, yeah I changed the head already. Its been a very long time since i've touched this though, I will fix it soon. I agree with the critiques thx!

    Em - thx bro, hahah it still doesn't beat ur gokulo though :P

  6. Wow, you`re great man.. nice to know your blog :D

  7. thx for dropping by! Those are some brilliant renders on your site!