Monday, March 9, 2009

Dragonball Evolution!

(journal was edited because it was too long, vulgar and irrelevant to the actual purpose of the post, this is meant to be a portfolio blog afterall)

Heres a concept sculpt for Piccolo.  My own version of the movie version.  I've tried the giant turban on his head, the humongous brow muscles, the purple pants and blue sash from the comics.  Turned out looking like a genie vampire from hell.  So I stopped looking at the reference and tried doing my own thing.  I'm thinkin maybe the live action route wasn't the best idea, and they should have made it completely cg animated, without trying to ground things to reality.  It would have been some epic stuff.


  1. I am now wondering why didn't they hire you to design picolo for the movie. And yes, I do agree with you. the movie picolo is horrible. I didn't even know it was picolo until i saw his name on a poster =__= I thought it was a random bad guy.

    the biggest mistake about this movie is that it's not done by japan...

  2. They will never learn.. Akira and Ghost in the shell live action coming soon.. Thank you so much hollywood..thank you..cant wait to see how you guys screw those up aswell.

    I hope Doraemon's is next

  3. Hahah watched the movie today, and it was entertaining as expected. Wouldn't say it was good or anything, but had fun nonetheless. Jamie Chung and Emmy Rossum were holy smokes! And countless boobshots in the movie made it all the more better.